Fueling Good Road Trip.

How do you change the image of a brand that is outspent 50 to 1 by it’s competitors, and exists in a world consumed with fluctuating gas prices and general apathy towards gasoline brands. When BVK tackled that challenge for CITGO, they found the real difference for them, was that every station is locally owned. >more

Bold Campaigns Help Reduce Teen Pregnancy by 50%.

Milwaukee’s provocative teen pregnancy prevention campaigns have been honored by organizations nationwide, from the Worldwide United Way to the White House. But its highest honor came October 23, when Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett announced that the city had achieved a 7-year goal of lowering teen pregnancy by 50%. In his historic announcement, the Mayor said >more

Increased Visitation Is the Maine Thing.

Maine maybe known for its lobster, Whoopie Pies and as the the first state to see the sunrise everyday. But the thing that really sets this amazing tourism destination apart is its people. Something that BVK, in it’s newest campaign for the Maine Office of Tourism, refers to as, “The Maine Thing.” To bring the >more

How Would You Make Healthcare Better?

A lot of health systems claim to want to improve healthcare. But one health system in Southeast Wisconsin is actually putting their money where their mouth is. ProHealth Care partnered with BVK to launch an advertising and social media campaign asking what they would change about healthcare. The campaign launched with a series of teaser >more

Does Your Family Need A Tech Timeout?

Technology addiction is fast becoming one of the biggest threats to family well-being across the globe. Parents and kids wake up and check their cell before they brush their teeth. Texting and tablets at the dinner table are now commonplace. But thanks to BVK, one company is doing something about it. Foresters, an international financial >more

Eye-Opening Sex Myths Campaign Uses Social Media to Give Parents a Wake-Up Call.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, in terms of provocative teen pregnancy prevention PSA’s, Serve has done it again. This time with their new campaign for the United Way of Greater Milwaukee, titled, “Sex Myths.” The effort is designed to start a conversation between parents and youth about sex and the many myths >more

Wish You Were Here?

If you live in the Northern part of the country, winter is upon us. So to make Chicagoans and New Yorkers feel all warm and tingly inside, St. Pete/Clearwater sends a nice warm blast of beach nirvana to frigid commuters. The extensive winter blitz campaign playfully reminds them that America’s Best Beaches are the perfect >more

Milwaukee’s Newest Strong Baby Has Olympic Connection.

This summer, while the United States was captivated by the U.S. gymnastics team capturing gold at the 2012 Olympics in London, Milwaukee was creating a buzz of its own with the launch of it next Strong Babycampaign. The iconic ads, featured GianCarlo performing the famed gymnastics move, the “Iron Cross.” While the headline stressed the importance >more

A Little Bird Told Us To Do It

As the entire for-profit education category nationwide continues to slump, one college brand is soaring. Thanks in large part to a branding campaign from BVK that uses a couple of birds, named Blue and Goldie to tell their story. The one of a kind campaign is a bold departure from the way schools typically market >more

The Bigger the Feet, the Better the Poster.

The latest in the now infamous series of posters promoting the National Championships of Endurance Barefooting, Footstock, has been launched. This year, the advantage of good genetics is the focus of the highly popular poster series that is annually featured in Water Ski Magazine. The campaign feature toddlers with gigantic feet as the main visulas, >more