A Little Bird Told Us To Do It

As the entire for-profit education category nationwide continues to slump, one college brand is soaring. Thanks in large part to a branding campaign from BVK that uses a couple of birds, named Blue and Goldie to tell their story.

The one of a kind campaign is a bold departure from the way schools typically market to prospective students. Launched originally as a simple animated TV spot featuring these two feathery friends as the iconic symbols of caring for upstart brand, Carrington College. The birds, which became an overnight sensation among students, quickly developed lives and personalities of their own. They soon began appearing in print, web banners and outdoor as well as a social media campaign. You can even follow @BlueCC and @GoldieCC on Twitter. Yes, no surprise that they tweet.

While enrollment at the majority of schools is down for the year, the Wall Street Journal reports that its subsidiary Carrington College is one of the company’s lone bright spots, up 17% year over year.