Obsessed with work that actually works.

We are a full-service, Top 25 independent agency. And we take our independence quite seriously. We answer to clients. Not shareholders. Not holding companies. Not stuffed shirts in foreign countries.

From education and healthcare to tourism and recreation, our work inspires people to improve their lives in big ways and small. Whether that means an annual mammogram, a college degree, or an epic adventure.

And unlike many agencies, our work is crafted with one thing – and only one thing – in mind: impacting business results. BVK is where boardroom smarts collide with disruptive creative thinking.

Unprocessed thinking.

We believe the best ideas are born out of a culture of freedom. So you won’t see the same pre-packaged process applied to different challenges. What you will see is a highly nimble, highly collaborative team that approaches marketing problems from every possible angle. And considers every possible medium. You’ll see clients engaged with industry thought leaders, conversation architects, and creatives at the earliest possible stages of the work. You’ll see insights and intuition that lead to unexpected solutions. You’ll see the beautiful combination of art and science. And, most importantly, you’ll see results.

Our Capabilities

  • Brand Strategy
  • Research
  • Creative
  • Digital
  • Content
  • Social
  • Data Science
  • Branding
  • Direct Response
  • Public Relations
  • Media
  • Experiential
  • Multicultural
  • Search

We speak the language of smart.

Headquartered in Miami, our full-service multicultural team has an unparalleled background and proven success in creating integrated campaigns for the Hispanic market. We’re particularly adept at The Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and US Hispanic Dominican and Puerto Rican sub-markets. Like our mother ship in Milwaukee, we’re avid trendspotters and cultural decoders, bridging the cultural divide between our clients and their Latin American target.

A pioneer in cause marketing.

We believe one of the most important responsibilities we have as a business is to share our success. That’s why we founded Serve Marketing, the nation’s first and only all-volunteer, not-for-profit agency. Each year, we donate over $1 million in agency time, resources, and funds to the community causes that need it most.

A GSA certified agency.

We’ve worked hard to become a GSA certified vendor so that we can help hundreds of contractors achieve their marketing goals. To download our Capabilities Statement, contact our Government Account Director, or simply find out more, click on the link below. 


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  • Michael Voss, President & CEO

    One of our founding partners, Michael has cultivated a culture that reduces layers and bureaucracy and encourages initiative and personal growth. And while the organization he leads may be flat, the work it inspires is anything but. In fact, it’s what turned a small local shop into a national player. When he’s not in the board room, he’s tying flies or riding tractors.

  • Gary Mueller, Managing Partner/Executive Creative Director

    With the energy of a 12-year-old and the wisdom of a Jedi, Gary has led BVK’s award-winning creative department for over 20 years. He’s won every award imaginable, including the prestigious Cannes Lion and One Show Pencil. He is also the founder of Serve, the nation’s only all-volunteer non-profit ad agency. When he’s not keeping creatives and clients on their feet, he’s barefoot waterskiing on his own.

  • Bret Stasiak, Managing Partner, Account Service & Planning

    For over 20 years, Bret has blended the art of marketing with the sciences of technology and analytics. Clients from Southwest Airlines Vacations to Stanford Hospital and Clinics have called his thinking disruptive because his consumer-centric approach challenges their thinking. To combat his reputation as a total tech nerd, he has a turntable in his office.

  • Joel English, Managing Partner, Business Development

    Joel is one of the most respected healthcare strategists in the country. His strategic, insightful work for hospital systems and Fortune 500 companies recently earned him the SHSMD’s prestigious Award of Individual Professional Excellence. He’s not your typical agency guy. Which is just how we like it.

  • Peter Capper, Managing Partner, Business Builder

    Peter is a maestro in the world of marketing. With success on the client side as well as a research analyst, media planner and account executive, Peter conducts business with 360 degrees of strategic thinking and 212 degrees of performance-driven passion. He believes the world’s noise and dissonance sets a competitive advantage for businesses with brands in harmony. And yes, one of Peter’s first jobs in his 25 year marketing career was at a classical radio station.

  • Sara Meaney, Managing Director, Earned Media

    Sara is lifelong student of human behavior and motivation, which is what makes her such an effective leader of earned media and integrated content strategy. She is a sought-after keynote speaker on the subjects of social media, content strategy and the psychology of marketing. Sara can strike up a conversation with anyone about anything, anywhere she goes. And she never seems to stop going somewhere, whether it’s a dive karaoke bar, an art or film fest, or a coffee shop around the corner.

  • Kevin Steltz, VP, Group Account Director & Planning

    Kevin likes brands. He likes starting them from scratch, as he did with Sun Country Airlines. He likes relaunching them, as he did for Buell Motorcycles. He likes winning Effies for them, as he did for Polaris and Qwest. Kevin’s diverse experience in account planning, connection strategy and account management make it easy for brands to like him, too. When not branding something, Kevin is skulking through the woods with a bow and arrow.

  • David Kelly, VP, Media Director

    As a 30-year fixture at BVK, McCann Erickson, and Wells Rich Greene, David acts as player/coach on the media team. He manages some of the most innovative media thinkers in the game, while also strategically placing media buys himself. He also analyzes baseball and can rattle off every stat from the past five years for each player on the Kansas City Royals.

  • Kris Best, VP, Finance

    Kris joined BVK in 2012 after strategic leadership and finance stints at Jefferson Wells, Manpower and Arthur Andersen. With a tremendous passion to learn, solve problems, and mentor young up-and-comers, Kris runs a tight ship. When she’s not overseeing BVK’s finances, she’s watching sports, playing sports, or playing the piano.

  • Tamalyn Powell, Senior VP, Group Account Director

    After nearly 13 years on the client side, Tam joined BVK in 1997. Today, she oversees the strategy and growth of BVK’s higher education clients. Accordingly, she is a sought-after authority on the subject of Millennials. (You should totally Snapchat her about it.) Hardly the shy type, Tam credits growing up as an Air Force “brat” for her ability to quickly create meaningful relationships.

  • Victoria Simmons, VP Group Account Director

    In her sweet southern way, Victoria brings almost 20 years of insightful, innovative thinking to her clients. Under her management as both account planner and account director, BVK’s tourism clients are consistently recognized for thinking that changes the category. She keeps a keen eye on pop culture, and is so up on industry trends that she may actually be one.

  • Mary DeLong, Senior VP, Director Tourism Division

    Within the travel industry, Mary is a tour de force. Over the last 18 years she has grown BVK’s tourism division into one of the most celebrated in the nation. Mary’s unparalleled insights and experience are matched only by her unwavering commitment to ongoing education and research. Maybe it’s time for a vacation, Mary.

  • Tricia Snyder Lewis, Senior VP, Director BVK Chicago

    Energy, optimism, entrepreneurial drive and creativity define the Tricia Snyder Lewis experience. For over 25 years, she’s led award-winning campaigns for brands like Baxter Healthcare, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Loyola University Law School, and Motorola. Her energy and commitment do not end there. She also serves several charities and volunteer organizations.

  • Kevin Kriehn, Group Creative Director

    A keen observer of life, Kevin possesses an intimate understanding of the way human beings forge connections. And it’s through those relationships with people, places, things—and yes, brands—that he finds a meaningful creative opening for BVK’s tourism clients. He brings 15 years of insight-driven and unified creative leadership to our clients. With an emphasis on experience design and sustainable brand narratives, his efforts ensure that our fully integrated team is focused on identifying the right audience touch points to deliver meaningful engagements that drive consumers to action.

  • Brian Ganther, Group Creative Director

    Brian doesn’t chase ideas. He chases human truth. And big ideas usually follow. Before joining BVK in 2014, Brian led award-winning work at shops like Frankel and Cramer-Krasselt, for brands like Visa, Frito-Lay, Sea-Doo, and Johnsonville. His work has been featured in Communication Arts, The One Show, the Jay Chiat Awards, and Adweek’s Freakiest ads.

  • Mike Czerwinski, PH.D., Vice President of Marketing Analytics

    What kind of agency employs a PH.D. in mathematical physics? The kind that helps brands interact more personally with its customers. And that’s exactly what Mike does. By looking for patterns, relationships, correlations and constructing mathematical models to both describe current observations and predict future ones. Then, applying it to customer data. When he’s not blowing our minds, he’s teaching math and statistics at Cardinal Stritch University.

  • Matt Hermann, Creative Director

    Matt is one of the most prolific, original thinkers you’ll ever meet. Especially when it comes to golf. When he’s not honing his game or writing original movie ideas, he’s creating beautiful, thoughtful, memorable campaigns for BVK clients. His work has been shortlisted at Cannes, featured in FWA, the Obies, the Effies and a host of other impressive places that recognize great thinking and craftsmanship.

  • Mike Eaton, Senior VP

    As head of BVK/Brand+Lever, Mike works at the executive level to align our clients’ brand strategy with business and operating models to drive growth. Specializing in the healthcare space, Mike enables executives to focus their brand positioning and strengthen their competitive advantage to accelerate performance. A look at his DNA reveals a disruptive innovator, entrepreneur, and catalyst for healthy organizational change. A look at his past reveals stints in consulting, strategic planning, and Legislative Director for two Members of Congress.

  • Jeremy Whitt, VP, Group Media Director

    Jeremy is a channel planner, disguised as a life-long media guy. After years strategizing in the traditional media space, he developed the digital media practice at his former agency. Unafraid to explore untested opportunities, Jeremy integrates creative, brand planning, PR, and social media into a collective channel planning approach. And the stack of Effie awards sitting on his desk prove it’s working. From recreation and home improvement to automotive, travel, and food, Jeremy has touched nearly every category. In a Midas kind of way.

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