Case Study  |  Sex Myths

Curbing Teen Pregnancy

The Challenge

Get teens and parents in Milwaukee to talk to each other about a subject they don't want to talk about. Sex and teen pregnancy.

  • The Solution

    Scare parents straight, by giving them a sneak peek into the kind of information about sex that their kids are hearing on playgrounds, high school bathrooms and parking lots, when they’re not talking to them about it.

    To start the conversation, we created the “Sex Myths” campaign. A brutally honest, straight to the gut campaign meant to shock parents and teens into getting the conversation started. The campaign, which utilized tv, social, outdoor and digital pre-roll video,  featured crazy “sex myths” that teens share in real life. The heart of the campaign though was an interactive YouTube quiz that triggered different video-based answers based on the viewers responses to whether the myth was true or false. The quiz also lived on the website Users were encouraged to take the quiz and share the videos with their friends and parents.

    The Results

    Twitter and Facebook Video Views


    Media Impressions in Milwaukee


    Drop in Teen Birth Rate