Celebrating the Spirit of Travel

The COVID-19 pandemic has ground the travel industry to a screeching halt, costing $1.2 Trillion in economic losses. But even as we shelter in place, BVK knows that spirit of travel is very much alive within our world.

This year, in honor of National Travel & Tourism Week, we’re issuing a challenge – to ourselves and the travel industry. To do more. To expect more. And to be more than ever before.

COVID-19 Response

Three Ways Travel and Tourism Can Innovate in the New Normal

May 4, 2020  |  Victoria Simmons

Even as we shelter in place, BVK’s Travel Sentiment Survey affirms that travel is still very much on consumers’ minds. As proof, 8 in 10 are actively planning, thinking or dreaming about future travel.

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Travel Sentiment Studies

BVK is fielding an ongoing representative study of U.S. travelers to understand how the present-state of COVID-19 is impacting their desires and decisions around travel.

Wave 4

5/15/20 – 5/18/20

Wave 3

4/28/20 – 4/30/20

Wave 2

4/14/20 – 4/17/20

Wave 1

3/27/20 – 3/31/20

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