Fresh insights to understand and predict consumer behavior in response to COVID-19.

BVK’s insight and strategy team is actively collecting, curating and contributing to the COVID-19 consumer conversation.

At BVK, we clarify insights and build brands that leverage core human values to create brand craving.  Because as humans, we crave experiences that reflect our values and get us closer to the types of people we want to be. In times of crisis, our values remind us of what matters and help us push toward a better future. More than ever, they will drive our decisions and guide our new reality.

Current information includes: weekly recaps of consumer attitudes and marketplace information, bi-weekly Traveler Sentiment Studies, a proprietary Wave Theory model that outlines values, needs and behaviors, and a report that outlines Core Human Values in the Age of COVID-19.

Travel Sentiment Studies

BVK is fielding an ongoing representative study of U.S. travelers to understand how the present-state of COVID-19 is impacting their desires and decisions around travel.

Wave 4

5/15/20 – 5/18/20

Wave 3

4/28/20 – 4/30/20

Wave 2

4/14/20 – 4/17/20

Wave 1

3/27/20 – 3/31/20

Essential Consumer Takeaways & Business Implications

A weekly view of “real-time” consumer attitudes (globally and U.S. specific) as the outbreak of COVID-19 unfolds.

Week 3


Week 2


Week 1


Proprietary Reports

Timely and relevant insight reports on consumers in the age of COVID-19.


Wave Theory & The Path to Growth

BVK developed a psychology-based model to understand and predict how consumers progress through COVID-19. It includes the need-states, values, behaviors and opportunities for brands as our society prepares for growth, recovery and a “new normal.”


Core Human Values in the Age of COVID-19

BVK developed an exploration of the shifting nature of human values in light of the pandemic. From values that were important and craved in 2020 pre-coronavirus to the values that are defining this crisis and how people’s needs, cravings and drivers have shifted.

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