The Crunchmaster brand, born as a “better for you” gluten-free cracker, was struggling to compete in the overcrowded grocery snacking space. They needed to grow household penetration by attracting new users from the broader snack category. BVK built an integrated campaign based on a smart insight: that due to the pressure to always be “on,” Millennial fitness foodies were feeling burnt out. The pressure to live and breathe wellness – to achieve her “best self” – was ironically making her unwell. She needed permission to enjoy a break.

Crunchmaster’s message? We’ve crafted deliciously crunchy crackers that let you feel better and less guilty, while getting more by doing less. It led to an arresting campaign empowering her to “Take a Mother Crunching Break.” The :15 video persuasion scores were through the roof, exceeding industry-standard completion rates, which drove $1.5MM in sales for a $1MM spend, exceeding category benchmarks.


Talk about brand craving. BVK targeted Millennial fitness types who are careful about what they put in their snack-loving bodies. On Instagram we gave them permission to see any occasion as an opportunity to take a break – and feel guilt-free about it. Crunchmaster tasted success quickly. In just a three-month period the brand saw a 125% increase in Instagram followers.


They say you shouldn’t talk while you’re eating. But once we began growing Crunchmaster’s visibility through digital, social, print, TV, experiential activation, PR, sampling, shopping apps and other tactics, people started spreading the word all over social media. Crunchmaster enjoyed +35 average monthly social media mentions.


With a newer product in a crowded category, engagement is everything. BVK helped Crunchmaster go beyond wellness messages and connect with our target in fun, playful ways, showing them that a high-crunch snack with bold flavors and textures could be satisfying and stress relieving. The emotional connection we made led to a remarkable 50% increase in average monthly engagements on Instagram.

$1.5MM in sales for a $1MM spend

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