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Navigating the Post COVID World

The coronavirus outbreak fractured social dynamics, business models and people’s personal motivations. The macros forces unleashed by that fracture will reorder health care as a sector, and radically disrupt the complex value proposition of integrated health care systems.

In Fractured, Mike Eaton, BVK Senior Vice President – Health, takes an early look at the sweeping forces health care executives must account for as they chart a course forward for their enterprises after the peak of the pandemic. Read Fractured and gain insight into:

The shift to “survival mode” and the consumer implications

Preparing for future infectious disease threats 

Addressing the social determinants of health

Supply chain redesign to address the maldistribution of resources  

With a focus on the “why” of radical disruption and a sense of urgency for meeting the rapid pace of change, Fractured will give leaders a framework for thinking about what comes next and how to organize strategies and allocate resources to deliver value in the new normal after COVID-19.

Just want an overview? We’ll be covering the key takeaways from Fractured in these upcoming webinars.

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    About the Author

    Michael Eaton

    Mike Eaton is a BVK Health Senior Vice President. His first foray into health care was in the late 1980s. Mike spent five days a week driving across Wisconsin’s 72 counties for the Medical Society to talk with physicians in their offices about health care reform legislation. 

    Since then, he’s been on the ground and in the middle for wave after wave of potential and promised changed in health care. Mike has helped physicians and hospitals sort through the noise to find the signals that really matter in terms of what comes next. His counsel draws on his experience as an executive at Aurora Health Care helping to integrate social services and primary care to impact the social determinants of health. Mike has served as Executive Director of the Wisconsin Public Health Association, spent four years with the Healthways working on population health, built clinically integrated networks, and co-founded two successful health technology startups.

    Fractured captures Mike’s sense of the signals that matter coming out of the noise around the coronavirus outbreak. It is field guidance for a future that is still taking form, but coming fast for America’s hospitals and physicians.