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Manage the COVID Response: Download Your Free Student Survey

If you have done your reading about the coronavirus pandemic, you’re probably accustomed to daunting statistics, keen insights and a few guiding questions to ponder. There’s a place for this big-picture thinking, but there is also larger opportunity to understand exactly what your audiences need from you. Could you benefit from having a tangible tool that you can implement to help answer some of these questions specifically at your school? Then read on.

Universities everywhere are being forced to make big decisions much more quickly than they are accustomed. Ask around among administrators, faculty and staff alike, and you will understand that at the forefront of all of these decisions is your students—what they need, what they want, what is in their best interest.

In order to gauge your students’ and parents’ perceptions, the BVK team has created a templated survey that all universities can implement. Add in a couple subtle tweaks, and you can broaden this survey to prospects and even faculty/staff. Along with the survey, the BVK team has also included suggestions on testing frequency.

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