David Dugan

SVP B-to-B

What role do you play as part of BVK Leadership?

I help lead/mentor our team of business Advisors. I also lead BVK’s growing B2B practice serving both existing clients and potential clients. B2B can mean different things, at BVK, it’s about helping clients compellingly connect with both their trade and consumer-facing audiences. We like to think of it as creating business to human connections.


What do you think makes BVK unique as an agency/why do you choose to work at BVK?

BVK openly embraces go-getters with big ideas. I joined BVK because I wanted to create an entirely new business practice to utilize my skills to build the strongest group of account leaders in the market. I love to see how my efforts impact the organization.


What unique perspective or talent or interest or experience do you bring to the agency and how does it add value to your leadership and client work?

I’ve been in the agency world for over 30 years, and it might just be my own brain, but I thrive on trying to simplify complex situations. That could take the form of helping my clients uncover their most compelling reason “why” and aligning it to customer needs. It could also be coaching a team member through a tough conversation. No matter what, I am constantly inspired by the intelligence and creativity of my co-workers and their willingness to solve problems.


What’s one piece of advice you’d give to any client?

Think about the brands that move you to action or loyalty. Are you giving your customers the same chance to be just as passionate?

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