Yasmin Guerrero

VP Advisory

What role do you play as part of BVK Leadership? 

I lead the Miami account team and ensure that we are communicating and partnering effectively with our clients. 


What do you think makes BVK unique as an agency/why do you choose to work at BVK? 

There’s a real drive towards thought leadership, research and insights. Its professionally satisfying to see how creative, that is based on a firm strategy, can not only win awards, but be successful and profitable for our clients.  


What unique perspective or talent or interest or experience do you bring to the agency and how does it add value to your leadership and client work? 

I am definitely a straight shooter and I mean what I say; my colleagues will vouch for this. I have a strong work ethic and I value my colleagues and my team. I take pride in their success because if they succeed, we all succeed.   


My Hispanic origin and Latin America and US Hispanic agency experience bring a different and powerful perspective to the work we do for our clients. I understand the multicultural world and the nuances of acculturation.  


What’s one piece of advice you’d give to any client? 

The more connected we are as partners and the more information you share, the better the output and results.   

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