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Assessment Study:

BVK’s new research study helps destination organizations identify which values travelers associate with their communities and the degree to which those values drive their craving for selecting it as a place to visit.

Travel & Tourism Solutions:

We build next generation travel brands and experiences that reflect the communities they represent.

Travel brands need to restructure themselves to meet the evolving demands of both the traveler and their local community. Or risk irrelevance. As a leader in value-based positioning, we’ve been helping build brands that reflect the values and energy of the communities they represent for over 15 years. Harnessing the competitive advantage that value-based positioning provides requires shifting focus from what you sell to why you matter to travelers. For destination leaders who are ready to make this transition, BVK offers the rigor and expertise that others are only now beginning to think about.

58% of consumers buy or advocate for brands based on their beliefs and values.

Edelman Trust Barometer 2022

Reach out to start a conversation with one of our brand consultants, whose backgrounds in research, neuroscience, and consumer behavior make them great authorities and passionate advocates for the power of driving business growth through value-based positioning. Read more about value-based positioning in our blog, The Current.

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We are a full-service, data-driven agency with 30+ years of specializing in travel and tourism marketing. We believe that strong tourism economies build healthy communities, sustain environmental resources and spur societal progress.