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BVK Creates Award-Winning Mantra for Texas Christian University

July 10, 2018  |  BVK

BVK Education

BVK helped create Texas Christian University’s new campaign, “Lead On,” and it’s been enthusiastically embraced by students, staff, faculty and alumni as the mantra for the university. The brand work received the highest marketing recognition in the industry as the “Best of Show” recipient for Total Advertising Campaign out of over 2,250 entries in the 2017 Higher Education Marketing Awards.

The work began two years ago when Texas Christian University selected BVK as its strategic branding partner to conduct research and help create an entirely new brand platform. Through values-based branding and platform development process, the redefined platform has been met with tremendous initial success.

“[BVK] helped us affirm who we are as a brand, but provided us with more powerful language to describe our brand,” Tracy Syler-Jones, TCU Vice Chancellor of Marketing & Communications, told the Higher Education Marketing Report, which recently featured the TCU work as its cover story.

“The brand house now functions as our road map. We use it as a jumping off point to help us identify the people, programs and events that support who we say we are, to help us craft our messaging, creative, voice/tone, etc,” said Syler-Jones.

For more information about TCU’s “Lead On” campaign, you can view the entire brandscape video here.

And, to learn more about BVK’s value-based brand approach, which was used to develop TCU’s campaign, click here.

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