Southwest Vacations a Hit with New Year’s Eve Spectacular

January 8, 2015  |  BVK

Travel & Tourism

With new nonstop international flights to popular beach destinations, Southwest Vacations needed to launch this new offering that is outside the scope of what their brand is normally recognized for. BVK partnered with another well-known brand — Hard Rock Hotels — to create an entertaining and engaging brand footprint as the presenting sponsors of Baltimore’s New Year’s Eve Spectacular. The space included a branded music stage featuring an energetic cover band, a green screen photo station, branded New Year’s Eve giveaways such as foam hats and light-up wands, and a warming area with hot coffee. The Southwest Vacations station was the only interactive area at the event, and as such was the most talked about space at the event, with the host organization expressing that the space was so grand that it even overshadowed the main stage. Even better, the event resulted in 2.8 million impressions throughout the promotional lead-up, with 50,000 event attendees and follow-up coverage in local media outlets.


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