BVK Launches New Female-focused Creative Work for Wyoming Office of Tourism, Paying Tribute to the State’s Progressive Past

March 7, 2019  |  BVK

Travel & Tourism

Did you know: The original female empowerment movement started in 1869, when the State of Wyoming was the first to guarantee women their inherent right to vote and hold office?

This year, the Wyoming Office of Tourism pays tribute to the 150th anniversary of its progressive past with new, female-led creative work from BVK.

Two new spots “Wild Girl” and “Wild Grandpa” are launching that honor the state’s heritage through the stories of two different women. The first spot features an imaginative journey of a powerful young girl roaming the land ironically characterized as the “Cowboy” state. The latter is a heartwarming story of a grandfather passing his adventurous ways down to his granddaughter.

Finally, a stunning print ad features an eye-catching shot of a woman on horseback, with a headline that boldly proclaims, “Someone had to blaze the trail.” This new installment of the “That’s WY” campaign represents a more intimate, visceral depiction of the Wyoming experience and a modern interpretation of its legacy as “The Equality State.”

The work will begin running as part of an integrated content program on April 1 and will be featured in digital and print publications this summer.


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