ProHealth Wants to Know How You Would Change Healthcare

May 12, 2014  |  BVK


Ask consumers of healthcare what they long for in their doctor or hospital, and it’s likely you’ll hear one word more than any other. Respect. Not that a health system would ever think to ask. But BVK did. Convincing ProHealth Care in Southeastern Wisconsin to launched a series of interactive teaser billboards, print and digital ads asking consumers how they’d like to see health care work better.

At the same time, we went into the community with a videographer and asked people on the streets how they would improve healthcare. We set up a website,, where residents could share their thoughts and concerns. We even created TV spots that dared to imagine what a few of those improvements might actually look like. Think hospital gown with a zipper.

Within a month of the launch, over 1,000 people went online to make suggestions and propose improvements–from their desire to get same-day test results, to being able to e-mail their doctors. Then a month later, we shared what we’d learned. Updating our billboards with the improvements suggested by the community. All of which led to a whole new platform based on respect under the theme, “The way you should be treated.”


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