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September 19, 2017  |  BVK


Michael Voss inducted into the Wisconsin Advertising Hall of Fame

Most of us here at BVK know the agency’s founder, Michael Voss, as an unassuming, blue jeans-wearing leader who has the ability to bring out the genius, intuition and courage in all of us. It’s those unique qualities of his leadership that have helped BVK grow into one of the country’s Top 25 independent agencies.

Way back in 1984, when he decided to venture out and start his own agency, we’re not sure if Michael could have envisioned the company as it stands today. But he saw an opportunity to build a different kind of ad agency. One without all the egos or bureaucracy. Where people had autonomy and freedom. And where co-workers felt like family. It’s safe to say that we’re glad he took the risk.

The gamble paid off, and BVK quickly grew—eventually opening offices in Fort Myers, Miami, San Diego and Tampa. And while we grew in size and stature, soon topping over 200 people, our reputation for outstanding work also grew. Regional and national clients from all over the country came to Milwaukee for their advertising. BVK piled up more national creative honors than we had wall space to put them.

And behind it all was Michael, who never sought the limelight for his work and who set himself apart from his peers in yet another way: his generosity. Since Serve Marketing was founded in 2002, Michael and BVK have donated over $15 million in time and services, through Serve, to help shine a light on underserved non-profit causes in Milwaukee and cities around the country.

Michael’s career has been described many ways: Unorthodox. Unconventional. Unexpected. And now, Michael can add one more adjective to his resume: Hall of Famer. On Oct. 12, Michael will be inducted into the Wisconsin Advertising Hall of Fame, honoring his achievements and work as one of Wisconsin’s most influential advertising and design professionals.

Michael’s story—and the story of us here at BVK—are inextricably linked. His success is our success. And this is yet the next chapter of our scrappy, underdog agency that started from scratch. Here at BVK, we believe the best is yet to come. And on behalf of all us, we congratulate and salute our founder, our leader, our visionary, Michael Voss, for his critical role in making Wisconsin the vibrant advertising community it is today.


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