BVK Wins Several Gold and Silver Awards in the Graphis Advertising Annual 2021

October 5, 2020  |  BVK


BVK received international recognition with five gold and two silver awards in the Graphis Advertising Annual 2021. Each year, Graphis presents and promotes the work of exceptional talent in advertising across the globe.

From travel to public service and from B2B to CPG, these awards showcase how BVK solves business, brand and advertising problems with art, science and humanity.

Take a look at the work below and learn about each campaign’s winning approach and results.


“Tiffany Ogle Shares Her Story #UntilSheCan”

Sojourner Family Peace Center

Video—Public Services

View the work here

“Maine 200th”

Maine Office of Tourism

Print—Travel (Series)

View the work here

“#Until She Can Manifesto”

Sojourner Family Peace Center

Video—Public Services

View the work here

“Butterfly Campaign”

Talent Solutions – Manpower Group

Print—Professional Services (Series)

View the work here

“Drink in the Boff”


Print—Beverage (Series)

View the work here



“Seneca Rocks”

West Virginia Tourism Office


View the work here

“Until She Can Campaign”

Sojourner Family Peace Center

Print—Public Services (Series)

View the work here


is a full-service, Top 25 independent advertising agency.

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