Case Study  |  Hawaii Health Connector

Ensuring All are Insured

The Challenge

You know that old adage about grabbing the low-hanging fruit? Well there wasn't any such thing when it came to helping the Hawaii Health Connector increase their enrollment numbers. Hawaii entered this game long before the Affordable Care Act became a thing. In 1974, Hawaii enacted a law that mandated employers provide health insurance to anyone working more than 25 hours a week. Almost everyone was insured. And those that weren't had cultural biases keeping them from enrolling.

  • The Solution

    We started by identifying the barriers — real or invented — that consumers were stuck behind.

    We identified our primary consumer group as small business owners. We aimed to convince them to switch to an exchange plan. Unfortunately during the course of our relationship with HHC, they lost one carrier leaving only carrier to choose from.

    Individuals. People who didn’t have insurance didn’t want it because it wasn’t a cultural norm. Many island ethnicities believe that friends and family are the only safety net one needs in life — even when it comes to medical care. We knew we needed to build a campaign around the notion that HHC could be a part of the family/community circle.

    Because of the limitations of traditional media in Hawaii, and our need for highly targeted messaging, the social media campaign was the centerpiece of our strategy. Traditional media was used to supplement the social efforts.

    The Results

    Enrollment Increase


    Facebook Reach Increase


    Engaged Facebook Users Per Post Increase


    Twitter Increase in Impressions


    Twitter Increase in Engagements


    Youtube Views Increase in 3 Months


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