Case Study  |  New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange

Selling Insurance to the Healthy

The Challenge

Convince a fickle, fragmented and generally healthy millennial generation in New Mexico, into buying the last thing in the world they think they need… health insurance.

  • The Solution

    Show the young and healthy in New Mexico that maybe they are not as invincible as they think. With heavy doses of humor, BVK created an integrated campaign that not only showed young invincibles what life is really like, but also enabled them to see themselves as being sick with insurance. From outrageous outdoor, digital, TV and Pandora radio, to campus promotions with social media tie-ins that enabled students to post pictures of themselves in need of health insurance, the campaign created a huge buzz with New Mexico’s youth audience. BVK even rented an 18-person pedal tap car that traveled around Albuquerque, literally giving our target a vehicle to talk to health insurance professionals while getting healthy.

    The Results

    New Followers on Facebook in 1.5 Months


    Video Content Views


    Increase in Enrollment


    Amazingly, New Mexico was in the Top 10 Health Exchanges in the country for its reduction in the percentage of uninsured residents. And had second highest percentage of Hispanic enrollment in the country beating both California and Florida.

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