Webisode One: The Business Case for Change

In this webisode, we discuss the results of a research study we recently completed in partnership with Destination Analysts. The study focuses on understanding how destination executives plan to respond to current industry disruptions and provides an assessment of their strategic readiness to engage in organizational change.

View the Research Summary

Download a copy of the high-level research findings featured and discussed in the webisode.

Meet the Presenters

Victoria Simmons

Victoria Simmons

SVP Travel

As the leader of BVK’s travel practice, Victoria’s expertise is in understanding the cultural and consumer behavioral trends that are driving the travel industry forward. With a passion for solving tough problems with bold ideas, Victoria has spent her 27-year career marketing travel experiences that improve lives, build strong communities, sustain environmental resources, and spur societal progress. To achieve these goals, she effortlessly marries science and art to translate research insights into category-changing work for brands.

Kevin Steltz

Kevin Steltz

SVP Advisory

As the leader of BVK’s advisory group, Kevin has spent his career developing award-winning brand and growth strategies for organizations in over two dozen industries. His rigorous and disciplined approach to strategy development drives the advisory group’s commitment to understanding client businesses, engaging executives on critical issues, and focusing on category insights that drive solutions.

Erin Francis-Cummings

President & CEO, Destination Analysts

Erin has spent the last two decades studying travelers from across the globe and translating their behaviors into marketing insights for Destination Analysts’ 200 clients. In addition to conducting research - from brand auditing to user experience to ROI analysis - she also oversees the production of Destination Analysts’ The State of the American Traveler—one of the travel industry’s longest-running and most relied-on tracking studies of American leisure travel sentiment and behavior.

Get the Full Findings

Request your free one-hour presentation. BVK and Destination Analysts will present the full findings of our research study focused on understanding how destination executives plan to respond to current industry disruptions.

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