Webisode Two: Becoming a Purpose-Driven Destination Organization

In this webisode, we reveal why redefining organizational purpose will be the key to navigating change and gaining exponential returns for the world’s top destination organizations. We provide an explanation of what an effective purpose is and how to define it. We also share real stories from work done with Nike, Google, and Pampers that demonstrate how purpose can be used to drive product development, improve culture, and generate growth. 

Leverage Your Purpose and Drive Performance

Start the process for discovering and defining your organization’s purpose by following the steps outlined in this document. 

Meet the Presenters

Victoria Simmons

Victoria Simmons

SVP Travel

As the leader of BVK’s travel practice, Victoria’s expertise is in understanding the cultural and consumer behavioral trends that are driving the travel industry forward. With a passion for solving tough problems with bold ideas, Victoria has spent her 27-year career marketing travel experiences that improve lives, build strong communities, sustain environmental resources, and spur societal progress. To achieve these goals, she effortlessly marries science and art to translate research insights into category-changing work for brands.

Kevin Steltz

Kevin Steltz

SVP Advisory

As the leader of BVK’s advisory group, Kevin has spent his career developing award-winning brand and growth strategies for organizations in over two dozen industries. His rigorous and disciplined approach to strategy development drives the advisory group’s commitment to understanding client businesses, engaging executives on critical issues, and focusing on category insights that drive solutions.

Dr. Sanjay Sood

Associate Professor, John E. Anderson Graduate School of Business UCLA

Professor Sood’s research and teaching expertise lies in the area of brand equity and consumer decision-making. Using psychological principles, he carefully examines how firms can best build, manage, and leverage the equity of strong brand names. Sanjay has worked with several leading marketing companies, including Intel, Starbucks, Disney, Levi-Strauss, Microsoft, and Kaiser Permanente. 

Identify Your Organization’s Purpose

Request your free one-hour consultation. BVK and Dr. Sanjay Sood will listen to what your organization’s unique needs and goals are, outline a custom method for discovering your organization's core purpose, and explain how you can leverage it to drive future growth for your community.

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