Top Trends 2022-2023 – Now & Next

January 4, 2023  |  Stephanie Barkow, Abby Rennicke

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As society continues its volatility, industries are being shaped by people’s shifts in mindset and behavior. The top trends that impacted 2022 will influence 2023 and provide signals for brands to anticipate and adapt to cultural tides ahead.  Each of these trends are notable now and include a predicted staying power from near term to long term as brands plan for the new year and beyond.  

Craving Optimism (Now – Near Term)  

A craving of optimism has perpetuated culture as an antidote to ongoing challenges. With 80% of Americans feeling every day has something new to worry about, it is no surprise that “maintaining a positive attitude” is the #1 quality that has become more important since inflation went up (Kantar U.S. Monitor). Brands can help consumers find the bright side of life by providing happy moments of escape. 

Evolving American Dream (Now – Medium Term)  

In a changing economic and cultural environment, Americans are redefining collective aspirations by seeking value, celebrating realism over superficial status, and favoring durability (84%) over exclusivity (50%) (Kantar U.S. Monitor). As the American dream shifts to a more pragmatic vision, brands can acknowledge consumers’ new priorities and support their goals. 

Online Identity Crisis (Now – Medium Term)  

The fusion of online and in-person identities is perpetuated by the prevalence of digital platform usage. From proto-metaverses to social media, opportunities and concerns evolve with the changing landscape as 55% of consumers have trouble sifting fact from fiction in a digital world (Dentsu). Brands will need to use discernment in employing a balance of offline and digital tactics that align best with their business.  

Responsibility Embraced (Now – Long Term)  

Americans are embracing a sense of responsibility in response to societal shortcomings. Sixty two percent care about the impact of social justice issues and nearly half are discouraged from supporting a brand with poor treatment of staff (GWI). Brands can partner with consumers for greater action towards positive societal change, starting with their internal organization, external offerings, and the messages they share.  

Intentional Livelihoods & Living (Now – Medium / Long Term)  

Faced with disruption, people are focusing on what they can control and being more intentional about how they are structuring their lives. Reprioritization is shown by a 7% increase in Americans saying that being present for family and friends is their most important goal in life (GWI).  Brands should spread messages that support thoughtful connections and meaningful living.  


To ride the waves of societal change and move along with culture, dive in deeper with our general and industry-specific Top Trends 2022-23 decks below. 

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is an SVP Insights & Planning at BVK


Abby Rennicke is a Brand Strategist at BVK

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