New Year, New Needs: Writing a Strong RFP

March 5, 2020  |  Vince Kalt


Congratulations. You’ve survived 2019! May your new year be filled with eager students, a collaborative team and WCAG-compliant web designs.

Facing this new calendar year (and rapidly-approaching new fiscal), you must ask, “How does my university marketing team accomplish all of the lofty goals we’ve set for 2020?” There may be many initiatives your marketing or university relations team can manage internally. However, there are those which require external talent, expertise and perspective. Generally, these projects tend to exceed a certain dollar amount, and you’ll need to issue a Request for Proposals (RFP).

There are many resources, mostly procurement-based, that can walk one through the RFP process. But, have you ever considered what agencies might advise regarding creating an RFP that generates good, efficient and assessable responses? The BVK Higher Ed Team provides 4 key steps for developing an effective RFP:

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Vince Kalt
is a Vice President at BVK

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