The Critical Nature of Commencement: Why Graduation Matters Amid COVID-19 Crisis

April 4, 2020  |  Beth Blume, Abby Rennicke


The pride. The nostalgia. The accomplishment. The excitement. The connection. The hope.

The act of college commencement represents the culmination of one of the most significant periods of transformation in a person’s life.  It compiles a unique blend of emotions that are years, even generations, in the making.  As a result of the current crisis we are facing, this pinnacle moment in time is now being stripped away.

During these extraordinary and tumultuous times, we are all feeling the effects. However, few will feel them as deeply as the class of 2020. To students and their families, commencement is a critical, not merely complimentary, piece of the college experience that acknowledges accomplishments of the past, inspires accomplishments of the future, and is a powerful bridge between the two.

These moments cannot simply pass and be lost forever. They matter. The impact is salient for the graduates and will have a lasting effect on their relationships with their alma maters.

Learn more about why the acts of commencement extend far beyond simply receiving a diploma for students and their families.

Interested in discussing commencement ideas that will create lasting memories for your 2020 grads? We would love to talk. Email us at [email protected].

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is Director, Insights & Planning at BVK


Abby Rennicke is a Brand Strategist at BVK

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