Simple Ways to Effectively Use AI for Your Marketing Job

April 29, 2024  |  Rob Ebert


“AI won’t replace humans. Humans using AI will.” – Unknown


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has slowly, subtly woven itself into our digital existence. For years, even before it became the buzziest of buzzwords, AI-powered tools like chatbots and predictive text have been a part of our online interactions.

It wasn’t until the recent advent of sophisticated language models like ChatGPT, Google’s Bard, or Microsoft’s CoPilot, that AI truly captured the public’s attention. These tools aren’t just incrementally better than the chatbots of the past; they’ve transformed our digital dialogue, making conversations with a machine feel nearly as natural as with a colleague.

Understanding AI: Its Strengths and Limitations in Marketing

To better understand where AI is today, and how it can help you in your daily work life, let’s dissect AI’s capabilities to appreciate its potential and recognize its boundaries.

Here’s What AI Is Good At:

Here’s What AI is Bad At:

The author asked ChatGPT to create an image for BVK that illustrates its creativity and outside-the-box thinking.

Simple Yet Effective AI Applications for Daily Marketing Tasks:

For those who have yet to dip their toes into the digital AI waters, consider these easy-to-implement methods for enhancing your efficiency:

  1. Data Extraction: Faced with a hefty marketing plan? Prompt AI to provide a concise summary, extracting key points relevant to social media strategies (or whatever vertical you’re working in), and actionable steps, saving you significant amounts of time wading through irrelevant information.
  2. Summarization: When dealing with extensive research, like numerous interviews, AI can distill common themes into a unified mission statement, aiding in crafting coherent brand messages.
  3. Concept Simplification: Struggling with complex topics? Ask AI to demystify them using simple analogies, making intricate concepts more accessible. Ask it to explain the concept so a fifth grader could understand it, or ask it to explain the topic in an easy-to-grasp sports analogy.

The new skill: Inputs

Along with this new technology has come a new skill (and even new jobs cropping up in the business world): Those who excel at writing creative inputs for AI.

Put simply, the more specific and creative you can be with your input, the better output you’ll receive from your AI tool. Also, in stark contrast to using a Google Search Bar to get information, the more conversational you can be, the better the output you’ll receive.

With AI, you can challenge it (“Try that again, but write in a more professional style”), give it a break (“read this document and digest its importance, then I’ll give you the next prompt”) and ask it questions (“Is there anything else that would be helpful to know before we continue?).

You can see how AI hasn’t replaced what we do in marketing. In fact, it may take longer to create a proper input than it took to write a report or a post in the first place! And the outputs it creates will still need some editing – the human touch. However, AI has been trained on human nature, habits and can detect patterns in human behavior better than we’ve ever seen before. Not utilizing its strengths would be a mistake.


AI can help augment our natural human creativity, helping us sift through data more intelligently, and equips us with insights we might not have noticed. In the hands of a skilled marketer, AI is not something to fear, but can be a powerful ally.

How will you use AI today to make yourself a better marketer?


is SVP, Social Content & Strategy at BVK

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