Travel Insights: Experiences

August 6, 2021  |  Victoria Simmons

Travel & Tourism

As travel has begun resurging, consumers are seeking unique and engaging, yet safe, experiences for their next trips. The unknowns of the delta variant have caused some travelers to decrease confidence (44% of travelers have postponed or canceled due to delta), while others eagerly plan travel experiences (68% expresses being excited to travel right now). This is an area to keep an eye on as the situation evolves. – Destination Analysts

1. Unique Stays

Travelers look to create out of the box experiences starting with the lodging itself. Vacationers seek glamping sites, unique homes, and novel hotel rooms to ensure their stay is unforgettable.  

2. Spontaneous Encounters

Surprise elements add wonder, excitement and allure to conventionally planned experiences. As people return to travel, they are craving spontaneity in their vacation experiences.  

3. Travel & Tech

Leading-edge technology continues to drive compelling new experiences that blur online and offline worlds. Travelers utilize technology before, during, and after their trips as digital tools that empower and enhance travel.  

4. Sense(ability)

Attention to basic human senses is emerging as a newly nuanced focus in the battle for consumer attention. Travelers seek elevated sensory experiences as a key part of their trips.  

5. Inner Space

The opportunity to reconnect with our inner selves becomes increasingly valued by consumers who feel overstimulated by the world around them. Travel has become a means of deeper escape and experience of self-reflection.  

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Travel Insights: Experiences

As travel has begun resurging, consumers are seeking unique and engaging, yet safe, experiences for their next trips. The unk...