Tuning to Meet the Times: Assessing Whether Our Value Proposition Has Been Fractured by COVID-19

June 1, 2020  |  Mike Eaton


Over the years we have helped leaders transform loosely organized federations of clinical business lines into integrated systems of care.  Working alongside our clients, we have forged high-impact brands and valuable companies out of fragmented business pieces and clinical parts.

It is our experience that the most successful of these transformations start with an insight into a market need that competitors either do not see or do not dare to resolve. That insight becomes the basis for a distinctively valuable position that leaders rally around to create a culture and deliver a “value of the system whole” that exceeds the sum of the business line parts.

A distinctive brand position is far more than a tag line that people repeat.  It is much more than an advertising campaign that we rally around. It is, instead, a passion to deliver something that customers crave more of, or that is missing from their lives. A distinctive position goes beyond a rational, intellectual purpose; it becomes a relatable and emotional raison d’être that aligns culture, leadership, operations, and communications to meet a singularly important yet unmet customer need.

Building a distinctive value proposition and assuring it remains relevant and credible is especially important today. The health care market and our customers have changed—radically—in the short few months we have been locked down with the coronavirus pandemic.  Our world has fractured in ways that we did not see coming and still do not fully understand.

It is vitally important that health executive teams understand those changed market and customer perceptions as context for assessing the continued relevance of their value proposition, and the tuning of their messaging. To know whether you should consider a deeper dive into how your value proposition is perceived by customers, and how to ensure it remains relevant in a new market environment, ask and answer the following questions:

  1. What is different about how we operate, communicate, and engage people today from where we were on March 15, 2020?
  2. How would people explain what makes our response to the coronavirus pandemic different and better than what our competitors have done?
  3. What new, distinctive product or service have we created that responds to people’s changed perceptions and health care purchase drivers?

BVK Health has invested time into thinking through the impact of COVID-19 on health care brands and their market positions and can help facilitate a provocative and productive conversation around your network leadership table. To learn more, download our new e-book, Fractured and join us for one of our Fractured Webinars we will be hosting. Click on a date option below to register:


Mike Eaton
is a Senior VP at BVK

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