Turning philanthropy into an engine of change.

July 8, 2020  |  Mike Eaton


The world has changed. The healthcare market has changed. It’s now more important than ever for organizations to broaden their strategic vision and anchor it in a higher purpose or calling. But where does philanthropy fit in and how can CEOs mobilize donors to bring this vision to life? In this installment of BVK’s Problem Lab podcast, Mike Eaton, Senior VP at BVK and author of Fractured, interviews Jeffrey Fried, Principal at JMF Advisors and former CEO at Beebe Health Care, about the role of C-suite executives in philanthropy success. From rethinking the funding of near-term goals to how much time a CEO should expect to devote, their discussion lays out a plan for making the pivotal shift from transactional to transformational philanthropy.

BVK has invested time into considering how health systems can use brand to best position themselves for success after a crisis and can help facilitate a provocative and productive conversation around your leadership table. To learn more, download our new e-book, Fractured, or view our recorded webinar.


Mike Eaton
is a Senior VP at BVK

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