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A BVK strategy series on transformational change

Changes in traveler sentiment and the impact of pandemic safety protocols have exposed the devastating effects of reliance on single-source funding. They have also significantly impacted a destination organization’s ability to adapt to shifts in industry and consumer needs. The underlying tenets of this chain of events are neither new nor unexpected. But the outcomes have been greatly accelerated by the current disruptions. This series was developed to provide valuable insight, evidence, and action plans that will help destination executives build the destination organization of the future.

Top Trends of 2020

Over the past year, disruption gave rise to new or accelerated consumer shifts in behavior, not without hardship. Here, we've curated and identified the most impactful consumer trends of 2020. Download the results to read further and see which will have staying power into 2021.

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Webisode One: The Business Case for Change

In this webisode, we discuss the results of a research study we recently completed in partnership with Destination Analysts. The study focuses on understanding how destination executives plan to respond to current industry disruptions and provides an assessment of their strategic readiness to engage in organizational change.

Webisode Two: Becoming a Purpose-Driven Destination Organization

In this webisode, we reveal why redefining organizational purpose will be the key to navigating change and gaining exponential returns for the world’s top destination organizations. We provide an explanation of what an effective purpose is and how to define it. We also share real stories from work done with Nike, Google, and Pampers that demonstrate how purpose can be used to drive product development, improve culture, and generate growth. 

Webisode Three: Transforming The Way We Operate

In order to thrive in a constantly changing world, businesses must be built on a model that can adapt to changing customer needs and allow for new sources of growth. In this webisode, we discuss the core challenges of legacy DMO business models and introduce a modern model which has demonstrated measurable success. We also provide actionable guidance on how to begin, get buy-in, and enjoy new profits from supplemental revenue streams. 

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COVID-19's impact on the travel industry has us all rethinking traditional marketing models, but navigating transformational change for your organization can be a challenge. We can help. If you’d like to discuss any of the topics covered in the first three Destination Tailwind series webisodes, request a free one-hour consultation with BVK and the featured expert to get started.


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