Case Study  |  Maine Office of Tourism

Instagrammers find their #MaineThing

The Challenge

BVK was challenged with positioning Maine as the premier state for tourism in the Northeast, reaching a key audience of adults aged 32-47 who are looking for an off-the-beaten-path travel experience.

  • The Solution

    BVK created an integrated influencer program designed to inspire travel to the state of Maine. BVK identified five social media influencers with extraordinary photography skills, compelling storytelling capabilities, and trailblazing personalities that would appeal to Maine’s target audience. Leaning into the “Maine Thing” campaign, BVK created five individualized itineraries that would tap into each influencer’s style of adventure. Then, each was set off on their own regional assignment, exploring scenic byways, iconic coastlines and more. To conclude the program, influencers met up in Portland to share their experiences over a private ferry cruise. Not only was content shared on the influencers’ social media channels, it was featured in a dedicated issue of The Maine Thing Quarterly, a BVK-created microsite designed to inspire travel through long-form storytelling and stunning photography.

    The Results





    Unique visitors to special edition of The Maine Thing Quarterly


    Mercury Award for excellence in destination marketing


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