Kris Best


What role do you play as part of BVK Leadership? 

I’m the Chief Financial Officer, also known as the chief risk management officer.


What do you think makes BVK unique as an agency/why do you choose to work at BVK? 

People are passionate about their clients here. And they don’t just say that. The dedication is genuine. It’s how they do their job.


What unique perspective or talent or interest or experience do you bring to the agency and how does it add value to your leadership and client work? 

I have an operational background in HR, compliance, insurance, legal, and IT, as well as a CPA and finance MBA. This mix of experience helps me to see things from multiple perspectives. I’ve had the opportunity to expand international businesses organically, and also worked through the challenging process of downsizing, consolidating and closing businesses due to the economy, so I’m experienced in managing the hardest and most complex scenarios.


What’s one piece of advice you’d give to any client?

BVK employees are passionate about making a difference for your company. The culture of BVK is based upon our people making a difference for you. I experience this passion every day and it resonates from our receptionist to the individual sending the invoice.

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