Victoria Simmons

SVP Travel

What role do you play as part of BVK Leadership? 

I play a lead role in cultivating BVK’s travel & tourism practice.  That means every day I have the opportunity to influence consumers’ hopes and dreams about travel, which is pretty inspiring, since travel is often a reflection of what one desires from life itself.


What do you think makes BVK unique as an agency/why do you choose to work at BVK? 

BVK is unique because of its people.  It’s a community of people who are passionate about doing “what’s right.”  They set the bar high and hold themselves accountable for delivering results.  That means we’re often working with clients who are willing to take risks, who are innovative and want to be leaders. Producing forward-thinking work with great people is what keeps me at BVK.


What unique perspective or talent or interest or experience do you bring to the agency and how does it add value to your leadership and client work? 

I actually love the agency business. Perhaps it’s because of my German and French heritage. It’s the perfect marriage of left and right-brained thinking. I love the challenge of digging into data for insights to inform strategy, but I’m equally passionate about working with talented creative teams to bring strategies to life in real and meaningful ways for consumers. It’s the intersection of these two types of thinking, art and science, that really gets me excited.


What’s one piece of advice you’d give to any client?

Think next practices, not best practices. Make decisions based on sound thinking, but don’t overthink.

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