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Take Advantage of Provider Switching

The pandemic has dramatically affected the way consumers think about health care. In fact, almost one-third of adults are considering changing their primary care physician. How can you turn this looming threat into an opportunity for growth?

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Using Brand Trust for Business Recovery

Patient volume across many service lines is down due to the disruption caused by COVID-19. But individuals and families still have confidence in their health care providers. Let us show you how powerful—and valuable that trust can truly be.

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Messaging that Invites Patients Back

The fear of COVID-19 infection has made a significant percentage of people hesitant about returning to clinics and hospitals to get needed care. Learn how the right communication strategy can help you get them back through your doors.

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Hill Country Memorial Case Study

Hill Country Memorial health system needed to build patient volume among their primary care physicians. See how our OnDemand Primary Care campaign helped them quickly get into market and drive volume.


Marshfield Clinic Case Study

Marshfield Clinic was seeking to build back profitable bariatric business following an elective surgery hiatus. Learn how our OnDemand Bariatric Campaign went live in 2 weeks and exceeded all campaign goals within 12 weeks.

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