At BVK Health we love all challenges and any problem particularly when they improve lives.

We Solve Problems for Health Care Providers and Organizations

Our health clients have the calling to literally save lives each day. We are honored to help those seeking care find their way to the very best providers, plans and companies to improve their health. To do just that, we have built a unique team and an integrated suite of services to help you solve them with focused strategies, growth accelerators and industry-best creative and media resources.

Analytics and Insight Teams

We help clients see over the horizon and constantly refine strategies to anticipate market trends and lead rather than be constantly buffeted by change.

Strategic Brand and Business Counsel

We help leaders think through how to position, resource, and build a valuable and sustainable enterprise.

Creative and Media Services

We help turn strategies into quantifiable results with disruptive, multi-channel marketing featuring evocative advertising campaigns and real-time impact measurement.

Demand Generation

We help amplify beyond lead generation through the power of demand+ brand serving as an integrated, vital force to directly impact each client’s bottom line.

Our Team of Experts

Mike Eaton

SVP Advisory

Mike Eaton is a BVK Health Senior Vice President. His first foray into health care was in the late 1980s. Since then, he’s been on the ground and in the middle for wave after wave of potential and promised changed in health care. Mike has helped physicians and hospitals sort through the noise to find the signals that really matter in terms of what comes next.

Joel English

Managing Partner, BVK Health

As a marketing/communications strategist, Joel thrives on chaos and enjoys employing the “why not?” thinking necessary to deal with such a challenging industry. In his 31 years at BVK, Joel has worked with over 175 health care clients encompassing most aspects of the health care industry.

Paula Serios

SVP Health

Paula brings a holistic ‘brand as business’ perspective of over 25 years of agency, corporate marketing and consulting experience to service industries. As a passionate ‘disruptor for the greater good’, she unearths strategic clarity and results-driven solutions to complex marketing, branding and business problems in life-changing categories.


Who We Are

We are a full-service, data-driven agency with 30+ years of specializing in health and health care marketing. We exist to improve the lives of our clients and their patients. We view demand generation through the lens of a human-forward strategy that reaches the minds and hearts of patients ensuring our clients connect and engage with patients.

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